Solo Work

This video is part of an installation titled: "I'm not polite, not ladylike, I am just recovering from an eating disorder".
It plays on the misconceptions surrounding eating disorders, specifically OSFED (other specified feeding or eating disorders), which do not fit the diagnostic criteria of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders and are consequently harder to spot and identify. 
It portrays some everyday-life scenes starring an "healthy looking" girl, as these kind of conditions, being mental illness, might not be visible from the outside and do not influence or define the personality of the individuals suffering from them. 
The second element of this installation consist in wearing a pair of headphones, to enter the mind of the protagonist, and being able to experience her inner reactions towards triggering situations. This is represented by a disturbance noise that in specific scenes will cover the soundtrack music and symbolizes the negative feelings of the main character. 
The installation is completed by an essay “The inaccurate portrayal of eating disorders in movies and its repercussions”. It discusses the negative impact of the majority of the movies depicting eating disorder on the audience. The purpose is to highlight the undepicted version of eating disorders, those that don’t fit into the typical traits illustrated in movies, which make it more complicated to grasp the complexity of these illnesses.
A better understanding of these conditions might help reduce the stigma surrounding it and generate the empathy needed to support struggling individuals.
Model, Elena Alaimo
Music, I wish I had blue eyes, Krista Papista

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