Collaborative Work
Nina Montironi, Erika Ramirez, Marie-Lillien Funk, Libo Li

Cosmic Data is a planetary movement devoted to the creation of personalized cosmic experiences. Our aim is not to leave the use of data exclusively to corporations, analysts and researchers but to inspire every individual to engage with their personal data and to think beyond the boundaries. We developed an Idea Generator card game, which will be used in companies, schools and individuals to inspire and push people to come up with alternative cosmic scenarios and services.
We created two piles of cards, one represents the "personalized" element of the service, while the other pile gathers the cosmic feelings. Each player is provided with three Personalized Cards while the dealer is going to reveal one Cosmic card, the players then need to come up with a new service or experience matching one of their Personalized Cards. The result is an innovative Cosmic Experience that involves a more conscious use of data. Players can also create their own cards to develop the game and put them online. By 2030 our goal is to create a Cosmic collective which means that everyone is aware of their personal data and the endless possibilities these hold.
We presented our work at IAM Weekend 2018 in Barcellona.
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