Collaborative Work
Nina Montironi, Despoina Zachariadou

“The seventh sense” depicts our idea to enhance past artwork with modern technology expressing the old stories in their modern context and dialogue with the audience. It is inspired by Rodin’s artwork that has been always revealing the true feelings and nature of his objects. Thus our aim is to “create a seventh sense” for the audience, merging inspiration of the past and life of the present. Modernity being a core element to Rodin’s work our concept is expressing feelings above body and shapes coming from Rodin’s art inspiration of true human nature, sensuality of bodies, eroticism, in a modern era context with the evolution of new form of technologies and experiences.  

The audience was guided through an interactive Augmented Reality Walk around some selected pieces in the Enlightenment Gallery inside the British Museum. Upon arrival the audience was instructed to download a free android/mac application, then they were provided with a map including directions for which path to follow and specific marked points where they could stand, scan a located QR code on the map and then point their screens on the statues. There, having their headphones on, and interacting with touch on the screens the augmented elements were revealed to them. The narrative of the overall concept provided different stories for each statue inspired by each and tailored to the existing shapes, forms and materials of the artefacts
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