Solo Work
Master Project, MA Fashion Media Production

“Aletheia” is a Greek word with many nuances, in philosophy it stands for truth
or disclosure, its literal meaning is “the state of not being hidden”. In this case
it represents the aim of my archive to reveal the context and the significance
related to the designs; the stories that no one is looking for but that are
already there, in plain sight.
My idea is to create a Virtual Reality Archive, which will efficiently collect and
explain all the cultural references behind a fashion collection. Instead of browsing
through an online 2d catalogue of images and descriptions, people will be able
to enter alternative worlds created around the mood of a specific brand.

Every collection will transport the user in a unique world as different as possible
from the others and inspired by both the garments, the advertisings and the
fashion show setting, but still different and unexpected. Inside these microcosms
there will be objects, textures, paintings, and characters representing the
references inserted in the garments by the designer, some of which will be
obvious whereas others would have proven difficult to identify. Users will be
able to freely explore to take in all the details and to further develop their
knowledge of a particular reference that interests them by selecting it. 
Once selected, an element will transport you to another scene specifically
designed to briefly explain the story or history behind it. The explanations will
all be engaging and easy to interact with, putting special focus on keeping the
experience interesting so to stimulate people’s curiosity. In any moment it will
be possible to go back to the main scene or to choose another collection to

Unity, Maya, Photoshop
Microuniverse, Dasha Rush
Katatonic Silentio
Loventura, Syracuse
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